Contact and Company detail View

The  detail view of a Contact/Company is divided into three main sections.

In the first section you can see all the main relevant info, such as: Name, Job title and Company, social media icons (these are links to accounts), phones, email and address. In this section you can see who follows this Contact/Company (you can add a teammate as follower from here) and the links this Contact/Company has.

In the section below, all the activity around the Contact/Company is displayed in chronological order. You can quickly share a post containing a link, an image or a document from here. Or you can add a note, a task or an event for this Contact/Company.

In the third section, at the right side of the page, you can follow or invite this contact to a discussion. You can add a new tag or add this Contact/Company to a group from here. Below this, you can see grouped information, such as active and completed tasks, upcoming events, notes and related documents.