Contacts Overview

Contact Management in Aptter lets you organize Contacts from various places in one.

You can import your CSV files (Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn) or excel spreadsheet. Read this article for help.

In the contacts table, all contacts and companies are displayed by default.

On top of the screen you can see the title of the view you are currently on. A default view is available by default to all users. You can add a number of filters to narrow results by pressing “add filter” button next to the title. You can cancel any added filter by removing it. You can save this new view by using View Manager. Read how to use View Manager here.

Another set of functions is available above the first contact of the table. This is the smart filter bar.

Press “show” button to display: only contacts or only companies, contacts or companies you follow and contacts or companies you don’t follow.

You can sort your results by name, newest or recently viewed by pressing “sort by”.

A search box is also available. Type and hit enter to get results. Keep in mind that the result will be relevant to your filtering combination. If for example you show only contacts from a specific city in this view then searching for a contact from another city will give you no result. You can always search anything from the top global search box though…

Smart filter bar also contains the “select all” function. After you select results, you can make massive actions on them like adding a task, an event, a note, a tag or add them to a group. You can link them with another contact or company, become a follower to all of them or unfollow them.

Display as many contacts you want by choosing number of displayed contacts next to the search box.

Keep once more in mind that every combination of filters or smart filters gives the ability to save view under a new name or update the view you are currently working by using View Manager.