Discussion details

The  detail view of a discussion is divided into two main sections.

In the left section, posts are displayed.

A post can contain images, links or documents. Documents will be gathered at the right side of the page so you can easily find one inside a discussion.

If a post in a discussion needs to be added as task you can add this post as a “task”. The task will be automatically related with this discussion. It will be shown under the “tasks” session so you can always see which and how many tasks came out of the discussion and how many are already completed. You can remove or edit any generated task from the post box it came from.

If anything interesting is posted in a discussion you can “pin” it so that you keep great ideas on top. You can display all pinned posts by pressing “show” button in smart filters bar.

You can sort posts by newest or oldest, pressing “sort by” button in the smart filters bar. The main post box will be placed on top or bottom of the discussion, depending on that.

At the left side of the page you can follow this discussion (if you have access to it), invite a user or an external contact to participate and close the discussion.

You can edit privacy, title, description and add a conclusion from here. Or relate it to a contact, a company or project.

A discussion can be “tagged” in order to categorize it the way you like.

A participant is someone who has at least once posted in a discussion where he was invited. A participant is thereby always a follower so that he gets notified when something happens in this discussion.

You can add people just as followers if you think that this particular discussion is one they should know about. Or remove someone from the discussion.