Discussion Overview

A Discussion is a place where team members (or invited users) can be brought together to collaborate and share ideas.

You can start a discussion by adding a title, a brief description of what is the main purpose of it and checking if it is public or private.

Discussions are displayed in a table where you have the same options you have in all other entities of Aptter.

You can save multiple views here by combining filters or smart filters. Read about View Manager here.

A smart filters bar is available right below the view title. Press “show” to display: All discussions, public or private, open or closed, discussions you either follow or not.

Press “sort by” to display discussions sorted by: newest, oldest, by name, recently commented.

Search a discussion by typing title and press enter. Display different number of discussions by choosing so, next to the search box.

Discussions are displayed in a list view.
At the first column you can see it’s title, it’s privacy status, who started it and number of comments.
At the second column dates of creation and last post are displayed.
At the third column you see the images of participants.
You can delete a discussion pressing “delete icon” at the last column.