How can I add and edit a new Contact or a new Company?

While you are on Contacts Page you can add a new Contact/Company by pressing the “add” button on top of page. You will be transferred to the Contact/Company details page.

At this page you can fill in all the possible fields you need, like emails, phones, Address,Social Media accounts, Tags, Groups and General Information.

If you are adding a Job Title for a Contact, typing the name of the Company he is working in will automatically add this Company to your Contacts as a new “Company”. If this contact works for an existing company just type in the box to get results.

An image can be uploaded to every Contact/Company by pressing “upload” button in profile image section. If social media links are added, then this image will be automatically filled with the first available gravatar that Aptter finds.

You can always add a contact from the “global add” button on the top right side of the application regardless of the page you are on. This is the fast way, adding the most common fields. Press “save and open” to be transferred to the details page to add more info.

Edit a Contact/Company by pressing “edit icon” on top of the page next to Contact’s/Company’s name. Delete it by pressing the “delete icon”. Options of editing or deleting are also available on the main view table.

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