How can I add a task?

A New Task can be added in Aptter from “Global add” button on the right top or from Tasks Page.

Regardless the webpage you are on, press “global add” on the right top and a form with tabs will appear. Choose “Task” to add a with basic task fields. You can “save” the task or “save and open” to add more info.

While on Tasks Page you can add a task in two ways.

The first way is to press the add button next to priority box (Today, Soon, Later) and add your task under this priority. The second way is to click the “add” button on top of your webpage.

In both ways you can write down very fast all the things you have on mind. You can still edit these added tasks later, in order to add tags, add notes, documents etc. Or you can press on “save and open” button and add all info needed.