How to manage Tags

A tag is a “label” you can add in any object of Aptter.

With Tags you can categorize easily all posts using hashtags (#) before a word, and any other object (tasks, contacts, documents etc.) by adding a tag to it.

When adding a tag, existing tags will be displayed as soon you type the first letter of it. The same will happen when you use hashtags (#) in wall posts.

You can search tags by typing into the main search bar of the application.

Tag result page will display all entities of the application in tabs. If a tag is used in one of them, the number of times used will be displayed next to the tab title.

Press on a tab to display results per entity. You can then remove or add any tag.

For merging tags press “all tags” from tag widget on your dashboard. At that point you can check one ore more tags to delete them or merge them in an existing or a new one.