How to use Discussions

New idea generation.

You can also name it “brainstorming” where your team can gather a list of ideas. Pin the best ideas to keep good track of the dialogue. Some examples are generating possible names for a product, discussing over new marketing campaigns, new commercial policies etc.

Discuss over projects.

Start discussions and relate them with projects before any task assignment. This way you can minimize the risk of not being completely ready when a certain task must be completed. Discuss any problems or thoughts before laying down a plan of dates and milestones.

Analyze client’s requirements.

Treat your sales opportunities as a “project” oriented procedure where any business analysis could be discussed with the right people in order to find answers quickly. Stay on top of your competition by inviting your prospect customer into a fruitful discussion over his needs and targets, in order to give the best possible solution.

For product development & improvement.

Let your people share thoughts and ideas when for example a new feature must be added to your product or service. Store improvement ideas from the right audience by inviting for example your engineers team in a technical discussion or your sales team in a sales oriented conversation.

For customer service and support.

Any client’s request could be more easily answered if it is shared with the right people in your company. Start a new discussion when any new problems, new requirements or new ideas arise. Relate all these discussions with your contact – company and keep track of everything.

For meeting notes.

Keep notes over a virtual meeting and assign tasks out of participants’ posts or pin all the good ones. This way nobody can avoid responsibility on something that was said during a meeting and everybody will know what has to be done after it.

How do you and your teammates use Discussions? Feel free to send us your unique ways of using this powerful feature.