Tasks Overview

Tasks webpage structure is common with all other entities.

On top you have the option of multiple views by pressing the view dropdown and the option to add various filters into your view. Learn how to use View Manager here.

You can use two layouts to display Tasks. Press one of the two layout buttons in the smart filters bar right below the view title. In vertical layout you can press on a task and see details next to the list. In horizontal layout you see details in a modal box that pops when pressing a task.

Press “show” next to the layout button to display:

  • Active (all public active tasks from everybody including all your active private tasks),
  • Assigned to you (public and private tasks assigned to you, active and overdue),
  • Overdue (only overdue tasks assigned to you, public or private),
  • Completed tasks (all public completed tasks from everybody including all your private tasks)
  • Tasks you follow or not.

Press “Group by” to group tasks by: Priority, User, Due Date and Type.

You can change priority with a “drag and drop” between priority boxes.

Press the arrow shown in each box to expand or collapse information.