Wall Overview

Wall is the place where all posts and activity inside your company are displayed.

A Wall Post has the following functionality:

  • A user can share a post containing images, links and documents to capture any interesting information, helpful for working with others and sharing knowledge.
  • It can be public or shared with a group of users.
  • It can be added as a question “to the company” or to a specific group of users so to take answers over various aspects of work matters.
  • Hashtags (#) can be added before words to capture the main interesting parts of a post.
  • Users can add comments to a post.
  • A post can be added to “favorites” in order to let user store critical information to his private wall.
  • Users can “follow” posts to get real time notifications over changes.
  • After posting, only the user who shared it can edit or delete it.
  • All other users can hide it from their wall.

Various Wall information is available in different tabs.

  • At first tab all posts and Questions are displayed.
  • Only posts are displayed at “Posts” tab.
  • All team activity is displayed at “Activity” tab.
  • Personal activity is displayed at “My Activity” tab.
  • Tab “Favourites” displays all posts you have marked as favourite.
  • Tab “Questions” displays all questions asked to your team.